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Cowboys and Magic Cards

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Princess Lyssa Lovegood

image by lj user ani_mama

I'm Lyssa, and I'm a special ed teacher who teaches in Houston, TX, with my husband Justin, and our five cats: Gandalf the White, Sorin, Espurr, Litten, and Ajani.

I like taking photographs, traveling, and going to rock concerts ;)

I'm a uterine cancer survivor [going on three years cancer-free].

When I'm not traveling, I like playing video-games, reading, and watching bad reality television shows ;)

I'm also sort of nerdy.
a perfect circle, afi, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, all across the universe, american beauty, animals, apocalyptica, astronomy, audioslave, batman, batman arkham asylum, battle star galatica, beatles, big bang theory, billy idol, blizzards, bob the skull, bon jovi, broadway musicals, catcher in the rye, cheshire cat, chocolate, chris eccleston, coffee, coldplay, comic books, concerts, constellations, cradle of filth, dani filth, david tennant, doctor who, dogs, donnie darko, eddie vedder, eyeliner, fall, family guy, final fantasy, finland, firefly, geeks, glitter, green day, halloween, harley quinn, harry dresden, harry potter, heartagram, heroes, hiking, him, incubus, john barrowman, johnny depp, kingdom hearts, kurt cobain, layne stayley, linkin park, lost, mad hatter, magic the gathering, marilyn manson, men in eyeliner, metallica, meteor showers, milo ventimiglia, mirrormask, monopoly, monster inc, muse, museums, nature, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, ocean, once upon a time, pearl jam, peter petrelli, peter steele, philadelphia, photography, pink floyd, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, platform boots, queen of hearts, radiohead, rain, rainbows, rammstein, reading, rem, rhcp, road trips, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, rpgs, scott weiland, scrabble, serenity, sex, shooting stars, silverchair, sin city, skiing, skulls, smashing pumpkins, snow, snowstorms, soundgarden, starbucks, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stars, stone temple pilots, swimming, temple university, texas, texting, the 69 eyes, the beatles, the corpse bride, the doors, the dresden files, the joker, the rolling stones, through the looking glass, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom petty, tool, torchwood, traveling, trent reznor, turtles, type o negative, up, v for vendetta, ville valo, wall-e, warehouse 13, weezer, winter, writing, x-men

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