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Winter Holidays Friendzy

Edit: I think the html link is fixed now, thanks zhelana

So I keep getting comments on the friendzy I made back in 2015, so I decided to make another one that's more current ;)

[to link back to the friendzy, use this, thanks :) ]

Only a month to go


If anyone has even five dollars to spare, my donors choose only has a month left before all of the funding I've received goes to other projects. Please consider donating to it. Or sharing the link if you can't.

Thank you in advance ;)

Trick or Treating Friendzy


[to link back to the friendzy, use this, thanks :) ]

Bored Meme

stolen from developingwings

We all know each other on LJ. Some better than others. Sometimes, posts don't say everything about us. Sometimes we wonder if it would be rude to ask a personal question, so we don't. Is there anything about me you want to ask? This is your chance to ask me anything about me/my life. I'm pretty open, when it comes to myself, and I like to talk about myself obviously or else I wouldn't have a blog to begin with so shoot.

I did remember to turn off IP address logging and enable anonymous postings this time :P At least, I think I did it right.

So fire away... Unbore me, since I can't really do much anyways :P


I did a Friend's Cut. It was nothing personal. I hate doing Friends Cuts. I really only cut people if they haven't been active in months, or if they've NEVER commented on my journal, and we've been friends for awhile because I'm not sure if you're interested in anything I have to say.

If you think I did it in error, or want to be my friend, I'll re-add you.

This wasn't meant to offend anyone.


I did a friends cut.

Most of you stayed.

I cut you if, you've never commented on my journal about anything. Or if you haven't updated in about 2-3 months nor had any activity on lj during that time period. Or if I just feel like we don't have much in common.

If I've cut you and you'd like to be re-added, please just let me know, I'll be glad to re-add you. It was nothing personal to begin with.


I did a Friends Cut, I didn't really cut a lot of people, I cut you if you haven't updated since last year, ONLY POST TWITTER UPDATES, or NEVER commented on my entries, we don't have much in common, You're a bot from Russia, or you don't show show any interest in my life so I have no idea why you're even reading my journal.

If you think I've cut you in error and want to be readded, comment here, and I will, if you want to know if you've been cut or not, click this: http://starlyss.livejournal.com/67744.html since it's the last locked entry I've made.

Again, it's nothing personal


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