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Lyssa Lovegood

♠ I love Batman, anything associated with Batman (comics, movies, video games, etc), and I want to be Harley Quinn. I also really like X-Men.
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher is awesome, and I think I'm secretly a wizard because all electronics seems to break around me, and Harry Dresden is ZOMG THE COOLEST WIZARD EVER
♥ Harry Potter is my religion, and I think Luna Lovegood is my twin, who was lost at birth
♫ I am OBSESSED with music. I like it all except for country, rap, and opera. I love going to concerts and dressing in seven inch platform boots so I can see in the mosh-pits.
♂ I love men in eyeliner, I also love geeks.
Alice In Wonderland especially the mad hatter and the cheshire cat are the greatest thing ever!
● I love science fiction TV shows, especially Battlestar Galactica, cleverbot has convinced me I'm one of the final five cylon models, Warehouse 13, Stargate, Doctor Who (I soooo want my own Tardis), Farscape, Firefly, Torchwood, Andromeda, Star Trek (mainly next generation, but Voyager was good, and I'm starting to sort of get into Deepspace 9), and Eureka
☺ I am also the Queen of Epic Fail.
▲ I just started playing Magic the Gathering, and I'm frakking addicted to it.
▪ I'm OBSESSED with Pokemon, and Eeevee, and OBSESS over eeveeloutions

lyssa013's Profile Page

My friending policy is pretty much open-minded. I like people. I like comments. I like commenting. So pretty much, unless we have some sort of history IRL and we're archenemies or you're an ex friend or ex-boyfriend or something, I'll add you, although I appreciate it if you tell me WHERE you've found me from cuz I don't dig the whole interwebs stalker thing.

Edit 4/17/2013 I just moved to Houston, TX, and LET ME TELL YOU, man is it a change from the east coast, for one thing 110 DEGREE SUMMERS shouldn't exist, I almost miss snow. I'm just about to finish my FIRST YEAR of teaching FIRST GRADE, and man has it been ONE HELL of a wild ride. You can do all the student-teaching you want, but IT'S NOTHING LIKE BEING IN THE CLASSROOM!!!

I'm started graduate school in Fall, for early childhood education/special ed, and it's the first stepping stone on my way to my PhD, and I can't wait to go back to school.

I got engaged to my fiance on 5/23/13, and he's a combination of Leonard and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory- WE PLAN TO HAVE THE NERDIEST WEDDING EVER [on super pi day 3.14.15]

 photo engaged1_zps8f29dba2.jpg
[at the waterwall at sunset in H-town where and when it happened... ignore the blue marker on my finger. I teach little kids, if I'm not covered in markers, it's not a good day]

 photo engaged2_zps2d35208c.jpg
[closeup of the ring]

and our two psychotic kitty cats, Ajani Gucci Goldmane, and Sorin Markov.

 photo babies_zpse3a3406b.jpg

They're crazy, but we love them :)

We're nerdy. I make kick-ass Magic the Gathering Decks, we play tons of board games, and we're about to start a new D&D campaign. I love photography, ESPECIALLY CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY, and the worst thing about moving to Texas is SO MANY BANDS I LOVE DON'T TOUR HERE looking at you Ville Valo , and I'm still waiting for the Tardis to take me away so I can travel with the doctor.

Until that happens... well you can just read about my life here.

 photo NoOneFightsAloneWristbands-1200_1200_zps9fbf4d21.jpg

In February 2014, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The good news is that it's a very early stage of cancer, the bad news is, I need a hysterectomy to treat it. So now this journal is also about fighting for the future.

and as of 5/13/14, I AM CANCER-FREE, YAY!!! Time to start planning that wedding...

 photo eeveecolorbar_zpsf313ab27.jpg

a perfect circle, afi, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, all across the universe, american beauty, animals, apocalyptica, astronomy, audioslave, batman, batman arkham asylum, battle star galatica, beatles, big bang theory, billy idol, blizzards, bob the skull, bon jovi, broadway musicals, catcher in the rye, cheshire cat, chocolate, chris eccleston, coffee, coldplay, comic books, concerts, constellations, cradle of filth, dani filth, david tennant, doctor who, dogs, donnie darko, eddie vedder, eyeliner, fall, family guy, final fantasy, finland, firefly, geeks, glitter, green day, halloween, harley quinn, harry dresden, harry potter, heartagram, heroes, hiking, him, incubus, john barrowman, johnny depp, kingdom hearts, kurt cobain, layne stayley, linkin park, lost, mad hatter, magic the gathering, marilyn manson, men in eyeliner, metallica, meteor showers, milo ventimiglia, mirrormask, monopoly, monster inc, muse, museums, nature, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, ocean, once upon a time, pearl jam, peter petrelli, peter steele, philadelphia, photography, pink floyd, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, platform boots, queen of hearts, radiohead, rain, rainbows, rammstein, reading, rem, rhcp, road trips, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, rpgs, scott weiland, scrabble, serenity, sex, shooting stars, silverchair, sin city, skiing, skulls, smashing pumpkins, snow, snowstorms, soundgarden, starbucks, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stars, stone temple pilots, swimming, temple university, texas, texting, the 69 eyes, the beatles, the corpse bride, the doors, the dresden files, the joker, the rolling stones, through the looking glass, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom petty, tool, torchwood, traveling, trent reznor, turtles, type o negative, up, v for vendetta, ville valo, wall-e, warehouse 13, weezer, winter, writing, x-men

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